All You Need to Know About KuCoin's 22nd Spotlight Project Pikaster

Pikaster is launched on KuCoin Spotlight. What can you expect and what is the project about?

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Pikaster is a card battle game featuring Pikaster (NFTs), and it creatively designs diverse innovative gameplays, such as Guild Battle, World Trees, Boss Challenge, and Weather Battle. With the goal to create a “Truly-Play & Truly-Earn” GameFi project through innovative product features to bring players both extraordinary gaming experience and handsome economic returns.

The NFT-based game is committed to fairness in competition, in which players are supposed to rely on their fighting talents and use more sophisticated strategies to engage in battles and adventures according to the functions of different cards and their NFT attributes.

00:49 Announcement on KuCoin Spotlight
01:07 What Is Pikaster
06:20 What is the tokenomics
08:26 Closing thoughts

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More About Pikaster Project

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