Bitcoin rally mode | Weekly Institutional Market Call

Join us for this week’s crypto podcast, featuring Paul Yablon, Founder and CIO at Room40, as a special guest.

Paul walks through the structural changes in the crypto market that have underpinned the price action over the past weeks and elaborates on reasons for the current rally.

David and Paul engage in a conversation about macroeconomic trends, inflationary vs deflationary pressures and the outlook for the US economy also discussing the idiosyncratic decoupling of crypto despite macro concerns. Paul also shares some insights on Solana, real world assets in crypto and other projects he is excited about.

Georg walks through the latest ETF news driving the price action of the last week, dealer BTC vs ETH gamma profiles and altcoin performance while Greg shares some colour on institutional interest picking up, trading volumes and flows.

Sid then concludes talking about DYDX v4, Celestia’s upcoming mainnet launch and a large sell off in Friend tech as well as the rise of competing SocialFi protocols.

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– Ben Floyd, Head of Execution Services
– Paul Yablon, Founder and CIO at Room40
– Georg Toropov, Senior CES Salestrader
– David Duong, Head of Institutional Research
– Greg Sutton, Senior CES Salestrader
– Sid Shekhar, Blockchain Research Manager

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