As the world’s first online physical digital economy token exchange, BtLux strives to introduce physical nodes into the digital market, creating a road to digital transformation and innovation of physical enterprises under the application of blockchain technology, stimulating the potential of investors’ assets, and helping entities make breakthroughs Difficulties, boost the economy, and establish a fair and standardized investment environment.

Recently, BtLux officially restarted the Apollo Plan Equity Contract (APC), which aims to provide the audience of V Funds, the core users of SEA and the supporters of BtLux BtLux with the opportunity to participate in the listed equity contract of BtLux, and is the first Unconditional repurchase creates a stable and high-yield channel for users. From the very beginning of the event, it attracted great attention from users worldwide. After the launch, hundreds of thousands of users poured into the platform, setting off several rounds of panic buying, bringing massive incremental users to the BtLux platform.

Helping investors to “ride the waves and climb higher”, stable investment, the new normal is sought after by users

The second phase of the BtLux Apollo Plan Equity Contract (APC) of Binyao BtLux returns with glory and is popular among platform users. It is mainly due to the multiple wealth mechanism of the second phase of APC, which makes stability the new normal and reduces user participation risks. At the same time, through equity transfer, Create the maximum expected income possibility for users.

Binyao BtLux restarted the Apollo plan during the period of rapid development and transferred the equity rights of Genesis. Users participate in the platform through the Apollo plan equity contract and become partners of the platform. This method can not only provide strong support for the development of BtLux, but also enjoy high profit rewards after the platform is listed. It is an important step for BtLux to practice the concept of “peer” and “win-win”.

The unique repurchase mechanism of BtLux is the foundation of APC’s stability. The platform promises that if it fails to go public, it will repurchase at the subscription price, plus 10% of the annual simple interest for income reward, that is, the repurchase price is expected to be 120% of the subscription price, and users can exit without worry.

In addition, the most important thing is that APC’s equity income is not capped. If BtLux is successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, user equity can be exchanged for tradable shares 1:1. Based on the NYSE’s average price-to-earnings ratio (PE) of 15-30 times, the expected return on investment for users after listing is 15-30 times (or even higher). If users choose to hold for a long time, they can also enjoy the annual profit return of listed companies in accordance with the U.S. stock regulations.

The design of multiple income mechanisms and the escort of all-round rights and interests fully guarantee the safety, stability and high income of participants on the road to wealth creation, and become a “clear stream” in the capital market.


Nodes explode to consolidate the basic currency, open a smooth capital route

As a leading global digital asset service provider, BtLux has developed by leaps and bounds in the past year and has become a rising star in the crypto market.

According to official information, BtLux currently has more than 500,000 registered users worldwide, and it is developing rapidly in Southeast Asia and South Asia. It has obtained compliance licenses from Australia’s AUSTRAC and US MSB, and has received support from the mainstream international market. Recognized.

The equity contract of the Apollo Plan has brought massive incremental users to the platform and consolidated the foundation for platform development. The Apollo plan based on a win-win situation will enable users to become partners and be closely related to the interests of the platform, which will become the biggest boost for the development of BtLux. The development of the platform will also speed up the listing process, increase the valuation level, and bring users the maximum revenue reward.

The recognition of global mainstream markets and institutions, the big bull market in the digital encryption market, and the superposition of the Apollo plan equity contract “powerful attracting fans” will give Binyao BtLux the wings to take off and open a smooth path to the New York Stock Exchange. All APC users will also achieve wealth growth and enjoy the dividends of the digital age following the listing of BtLux.


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Author/ Translator: Tae Kon Jung