1. Legislators of the Democratic Party of Korea: A provisional proposal for the encryption system bill will be made early next week

2. Australia may launch its first crypto ETF at the end of this year

3. The Korean Financial Regulatory Authority plans to approve a crypto fund in early May


4 Dutch authorities seized approximately $9.9 million in cryptocurrency in 2020

5. The U.S. SEC once again submitted a letter to contact foreign regulators regarding the Ripple case


1.Gavin Wood officially added the parachain function to the Kusama network

2. Buffett refuses to discuss Bitcoin, Munger hates the success of Bitcoin

3. The income of Ethereum miners in April reached US$1.59 billion, a record high

4. The DeFi fund launched by the listed mining company Argo Lianchuang is listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange in London

1. Warner Music will develop digital wearable NFT for its singers

2. Latin America’s largest e-commerce Mercado Libre announced that it will accept Bitcoin to purchase real estate

3. Japanese game giant Sega will issue NFT based on company IP and collectibles

4. JPMorgan Chase, DBS Bank, and Temasek set up Partior, a blockchain joint venture company

5. South Korean gaming giant Nexon has bought about $100 million in Bitcoin

6. Bank of America will provide cryptocurrency custody products

7. The wine estate “YAO Family” founded by Yao Ming launches limited-edition NFT collections corresponding to physical wines

1. The stable asset agreement Mercurial Finance completes financing

2. “Infrastructure as a Service” project Pinknode completed 700,000 US dollars private equity financing

3. LiftDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, completed more than $2 million in seed round financing

4. DeFi light game CryptoTycoon completes seed round financing, and CryptoDiffer participates in the investment

5. Goldman Sachs makes a strategic investment in Juggernaut, a synthetic asset issuance platform

6.Coinbase will acquire Skew, a cryptocurrency data analysis platform

7. Polkarare, a multi-chain NFT market, announced the completion of $2 million in financing

8. Continuum, a Polkadot ecological open financial platform, received an institutional investment of 1.5 million US dollars

9. Integral ends the public seed round of financing, with a financing amount of US$32 million

10. DeFi agreement Hashflow completes US$3.2 million in financing, led by Dragonfly Capital and Electric Capital

11. Notional, a fixed-rate loan agreement, completes US$10 million in Series A financing, with Pantera leading the investment

12. Paxos completes $300 million in Series D financing, with a valuation of $2.4 billion

13. The digital asset platform Finoa completed $22 million in Series A financing, led by Balderton Capital

14. Encrypted derivatives exchange GlobeDX completed $18 million in financing, Y Combinator and others participated in the investment

15. DeFi project Bumper completed US$10 million private equity financing, Alphabit and others participated in the investment

16.Polygon, an Ethereum expansion solution, launches a $150 million DeFi fund

17. Figment, a crypto infrastructure service provider, launches Figment Capital, a $16 million investment fund

18.Fantom, a smart contract platform, received a $15 million investment from HyperChain Capital

19. SakePerp.fi, a perpetual contract agreement on BSC, completes a strategic financing of US$3 million

20. Mobile Bank Current completed USD 220 million in Series D financing and will expand its business into the cryptocurrency field

21. Blockchain development platform Alchemy completed 80 million U.S. dollars in Series B financing, with a valuation of over 500 million U.S. dollars

22. Alkemi Network, an on-chain liquidity network, announced the completion of USD 4.6 million in financing and launched the main network

23. Polkadot ecological DeFi+NFT agreement SporeOcean completes tens of millions of institutional rounds of financing

24. Anoma Network, a privacy network, raised US$6.75 million, led by Polychain Capital

25. Cryptocurrency wallet ZenGo announced the completion of a US$20 million Series A financing, led by Insight Partners

26. Blockchain company Concordium completed $36 million in financing, and the mainnet will be launched before June

27.BakerySwap receives strategic investment from Binance Smart Chain Acceleration Fund

28. Manifold Finance completed a US$2.5 million strategic financing, led by Marshland Capital

29.DEX aggregator Dagg trade completes seed round financing

30.Securrency completed 30 million US dollars in Series B financing, WisdomTree, State Street Bank, etc. participated in the investment

31. MugglePay, a cryptocurrency payment service provider, completes a $1 million seed round of financing

32. X World Games, a decentralized virtual game, announced the completion of a $1.2 million strategic round of financing, with SNZ participating in the investment

33. YFX.COM completed millions of dollars in financing, OKEx Blockdream Ventures and others participated in the investment