Dogecoin founder: I don’t have any Dogecoin anymore but I know the true story

Under the leadership of WSB and Tesla founder Elon Musk, Dogecoin has become the most concerned and most out-of-the-box cryptocurrency in the industry recently. Bitcoin sighs and soars within a day. The 10 times story also shocked everyone. In this bull market, the market value of Dogecoin also jumped into the top ten in the world.

Three days ago, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus wrote a letter for all Dogecoin lovers on the Dogecoin section of Reddit. In the letter, he said that he had sold all Dogecoin in 2015 I got a second-hand Honda. At the same time, he emphasized that the real value of Dogecoin is not to pull or smash, but to bring positive energy to the world.

Rhythm BlockBeats translated the content of this letter, let’s take a look at the heart of the founder.

The following is the content of the letter:

I can’t believe that this sector (r/dogecoin/) now has more than one million members. When I was still active, it was less than 10%. Let me first introduce myself to a new friend. I am Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin.

Maybe you have heard before that Jackson Palmer posted an idea about “Dogecoin” on Twitter, and then I made it out without any expectations or plans.

The entire development process only took about 3 hours, and most of the time was modified according to the needs, showing the Comic Sans font, as well as some other graphics and text.

I also mentioned on Twitter before that I no longer belong to the Dogecoin project. I left around 2015, because during that time, the community that made me comfortable began to change, very strongly. I don’t have a bit of Dogecoin right now. I have given out a lot of Dogecoin. After I was fired in 2015, I was worried about deposits, so I sold all Dogecoin and exchanged the full amount for a second-hand Honda.

Because I see a lot of wrong information about me, I would like to emphasize that I am not brooding about this matter.

Since I am no longer involved in anything with Dogecoin, why do I need this post? For those who want to hear, I want to provide some Dogecoin perspectives and history

Dogecoin news

Dogecoin has become very popular recently. Many coin holders sent me emails asking me to pull offers or do other things. I don’t like this very much. Of course, I know how important money is.

My mother is still struggling to repay her mortgage and may lose her house. If I hadn’t “fudged” on my cryptocurrency investments a few years ago, we would be very relaxed now.

In addition to these, I also received some positive responses, which reminded me of some past events in Dogecoin.

“Save Dogemas”

In the first few weeks after Dogecoin’s release, the speed of development was incredible, from a joke to something valuable to people. During the development of a community, a lot of infrastructure has been added.

One of the things is online wallets, no need to download laborious clients. However, during the Christmas period, the wallet was hacked, and 21 million Dogecoins were stolen in the process.

This kind of story is too common in the cryptocurrency world, but what happens next is very interesting. Some community members got together and founded the Dogecoin Fund to “save Dogemas.” They tried to return the money to the victims. To my surprise, the community is willing to help.

The Dogecoin community donated millions of coins to help the victims, and the community’s donation is more than that. For example, they also helped build wells in Africa, helped contact service dogs and children, and helped send the Jamaican sled team. For the Olympics, sponsor a NASCAR racer.

True value

People imagine that when Dogecoin rises to $1, its market value will surpass companies like Boeing and Starbucks. But is Dogecoin really worth such a high market value? I can’t understand, let alone answer.

I have no real say in this. As a founder, I hope Dogecoin and the community can become a powerful force. I’m not saying that donating to charity or directly helping people is the only thing of value. Anything else interesting is also valuable.

The legal value of Dogecoin is the price anyone is willing to pay for it at any time, but I can never define its intrinsic value. When I talk about value, I am talking about “true value”, the “positive energy” that Dogecoin brings to the world.

Pulling, smashing, and speculating are worthless. The world is already miserable. These behaviors can only bring more negative effects. As a founder, I have seen a lot of things in the past 7 years. I am not angry, I am just disappointed.

Joy, kindness, learning, giving, empathy, fun, community, inspiration, creativity, generosity, etc., these factors make me think Dogecoin is worth it. If the community embodies these things, it is true value.