Absolutely! After Amber experienced the “5.19” reshuffle, he never expected that the NFT would become more and more intense! ?

Ali Auction 520 Auction Festival launched a special NFT digital art auction, and the NFT art works of China Guardian Spring Auction sold for 667,000 yuan…

There are exhibitions and auctions about encryption art one after another, which is so lively. We can’t help feeling that when the foreign blockchain encryption art is in full swing, domestic institutions and artists are eager to try small and medium achievements.

Although the value of digital art has shrunk by as much as 90% due to the rapid decline in the price of encrypted assets at the end of May, the transaction volume of the NFT market last week also dropped by nearly 90% from the record high in May, but the popular story of NFT is still continued.

From being included in the “New Infrastructure” category to one of the seven key digital economy industries in the “14th Five-Year Plan”, my country has created many opportunities for the sound development of the NFT market. The release of the ancient myth “Sequence of the Ancient Country” card in China, the auction of the first domestic NFT digital music for public welfare, and the release of the first domestic film NFT series also indicate that entrepreneurs have noticed and are accepting many values ​​of NFT. Advocate.

What is the charm of NFT that has attracted everyone’s attention? This article “Unbelievable Magic! Why does NFT make the world “crazy”! ? “May inspire you!

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After the epidemic, the Federal Reserve implemented an unlimited quantitative easing policy. The flood of liquidity and the slow growth of income made investors more uneasy. The dramatic development of the epidemic made its usual inflationary rate adjustment method of “cutting leeks” not as good as it used to be, so Have to brew a new fancy “cut leek” method. At this time, for global capital, the encrypted asset market is particularly important.

The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit. In today’s NFT market, financial is still far better than artistic.

The values ​​of “scarcity”, “non-reproducibility”, “objective practicality”, and “statutory” are the labels often affixed to NFTs. However, with the rapid development of NFT, people have found that scarcity and high value cannot be equated. The so-called “irreplaceable” or “irreplaceable” is also a false proposition. Get all the NFTs in the account.

This is a new besieged city. People outside want to come in and people inside want to go out. Whether there is a future for NFT is still difficult to conclude, and the voice of bubble theory has never been cut off.

For some artists, the emergence of NFT has indeed increased exposure and broadened the channels for realization. However, in terms of compliance, NFT and IC0’s similarity, price and value are not the same, high energy consumption and other issues have also made it controversial. However, people believe that the emergence of new things will inevitably accompany bubbles, and that bubbles will always be broken over time.

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Breaking the bubble requires not only creation but also expansion

In fact, in addition to the conventional applications of encrypted art collection and auction, NFT also has financial gameplay. For example, the NFT mortgage loan market, NFTfi, launched last year, allows NFT asset holders to use their NFT as collateral to borrow assets and lend to others. NFTX used NFT as collateral to create an ERC-20 trading platform and launched it on Ethereum. With NFTX, users can create and trade funds directly based on collectibles.

In addition, FOXNFT is using the DeFi+NFT model to expand a new ecosystem of digital brand assets. In the future, it may be able to empower NFTs and brands in financial, gaming, collection, social and other scenarios, and break through the barriers of the real world and the encrypted world.

Surprisingly, the NFT platform may have the potential to become a social platform. Industry insiders have mentioned that with the increase of users in the future, the NFT platform may also experience an information explosion, realizing more forms of social interaction such as UGC (user content production), comments, and likes.

It’s hard for the world to give up NFT, just because the world is so beautiful

On the NFT track of Baige’s competition, the emotional value brought by smart contracts is what makes users expect the deepest psychological return . With the continuous improvement of technology, more scenarios will be NFTized. It The future development prospects of DeFi are far more attractive than DeFi’s investment field.