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Jasmy is designed specifically for the Internet of Things (or IoT). The IoT as a system includes computers, cars, phones, and even implantable biochip transponders. It comprises both mechanical and digital items which feature unique identifiers and are capable of transmitting data elsewhere. Organizations use the data they obtain from the IoT to improve efficiency and boost their bottom line.

While the IoT promises to enhance customer experience, it comes at a potentially heavy price and chances for privacy infringement. The massive amounts of data involved create significant security risks with the possibility of information leakage and compliance violations.

Time Stamp
00:58 Current problem with IOT
02:28 How does it work
03:35 what is Jasmy used for
03:45 Trailer
07:16 Jasmy vs Jasmy Coin
07:51 phases
09:04 Closing Thoughts

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