Messari senior research analyst Ryan Watkins predicts that once Eth2 is launched, Ethereum may replace Bitcoin as the largest crypto asset.

Ryan Watkins, a senior research analyst at crypto analysis company Messari, speculates that once Eth2 and PoS are completely completed, Ethereum may replace Bitcoin as the largest crypto asset.

On March 18th, Watkins pointed out on the Youtube show “FinTech Today” that although he does not know if or when Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin, he believes that Ethereum may become the most important crypto asset in the future due to Eth2 , He said:

“Bitcoin, as a store of value asset, has more selling points than Ethereum. In the final analysis, its monetary policy is predictable, and the Bitcoin blockchain is very secure. I think that with the transition to Eth2 and PoS, Ethereum Square may actually be more secure than Bitcoin.”

Watkins also highlighted the potential economic changes of Ethereum during the Eth2 transition period, and emphasized that Ethereum’s upcoming destruction mechanism will cause the rate of Ethereum’s destruction to exceed the rate of new supply.

“Ethereum’s monetary policy will actually change in Eth2. It’s actually not only lower than Bitcoin’s inflation, but it’s actually deflationary. Therefore, as part of the Ethereum is destroyed every year, the more Ethereum actually exists. The less come.”

He asked this question: “If Ethereum is more secure and it (has) a stronger monetary policy, then in this case, what is the bull market for Bitcoin?”

Watkins also pointed out that Ethereum has established a “large-scale” and “diversified” economy, which shows that over time, the thriving decentralized application area of ​​the Ethereum network will attract new users at a faster rate than Bitcoin. user.

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He said: “To some extent, the Ethereum economy has begun to attract so much capital, including human capital and financial capital. It is actually a force in the global economy.” The GDP of Ethereum can actually rival many big countries.

He added: “People can make a living in this economy.”

According to the “Flippening Index” of the Blockchain Center, this index uses 8 indicators to measure the advantage of Ethereum over Bitcoin. Ethereum currently has a 65.6% advantage over Bitcoin—it has fallen from the historical high of 72.3% in early February. .

This index shows that Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin in terms of number of nodes, transaction volume, and total transaction fees.