It was a pleasure to interview Trevor Lawrence of the Jaguars. Although only 21, he’s incredibly centered and sharp, it makes sense to see how he has combined his talent, training, and balanced mindset to become the #1 NFL draft. We look forward to seeing his growth within the sport and as a person.

Trevor Lawrence ep 67 Time Markers:

0:15 – 1:01 : Introduction and brief history of Trevor.
1:01 – 2:50 : Going back in time to discover where the passion for football started and specifically being a QB.
2:50 – 4:15 : Discussing the family football atmosphere and how that fostered growth in the game.
4:15 – 6:31 : Discussing the light bulb moment of realizing the ability to make a career out of football and a natural love for the game mentored by Trevor’s father.
6:31 – 7:19 : Trevor answers to ever considering the potential of other fields of work and shares his connection to sports marketing and his dream of being in the NFL.
7:19 – 8:26 : Trevor shares insight on his mental framework of staying focused on personal development by competing to be a better version of yourself and the mindset that comes with that outlook.
8:26 – 10:01: Influential personnel that have helped Trevor’s growth along the way; including Coach Patrick Swinney at Clemson.
10:01 – 11:59 : The decision factors to go to Clemson and their parallels to the FTX Blockfolio Team; family atmosphere, team mentality and work ethic.
12:01 – 14:44 : Time management and routine while balancing training, school and social life.
14:45 – 17:13 : The Clemson workout regimen & intensity levels throughout the year.
17:14 – 19:02 : Insight into the transition time between college and NFL; a quick break, back to training, combines, camp, preseason games and then the season.
19:10 – 20:19 : Trevor’s mindset towards starting his professional career and figuring things out as a rookie.
20:19 – 20:52 : Surfer Hair vs Helmet Hair; two different outcomes.
20:52 – 22:17 : Dealing with solicitation and the attention that comes with being the #1 draft pick in the NFL.
22:17 – 24:12 : Life Lesson insights from Trevor; being in the moment.

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