Thank you to Prassana, cofounder & CTO of Rippling, for sharing his experience as an extremely talented engineer/programmer with an adventurous, entrepreneurial outlook on life. With an over-arching battle theme Prassana draws an analogy with the business world, shares insight into personal experiences and sheds light on the birth of Rippling. Rippling automates HR & IT for it’s customers; allowing them to effortlessly manage employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and more – in one place. After such an entrepreneurial adventure and expanding into the crypto space – what will Prassana do next? Probably something in crypto!

FTX Prassana Podcast Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – 2:05 : An introduction of Prassana and his engineering background.

2:06 – 3:48 : Prassana’s pivot to programming and the inspiration behind it.

3:48 – 9:28 : Prassana shares his passion, reasoning and personal life experiences that drove him to leave what many would consider a “dream job at Microsoft” and embark on an entrepreneurial adventure in a foreign country on a travel visa.

9:28 – 12:29 : Insight into Prassana reaching America and the trials & tribulations that led to the build up of Rippling.

12:30 – 21:31 : Discussing the app and business ideas that Prassana and his cofounder were working on prior to Rippling and how it helped them along their path to success.

21:31 – 23:56 : The “best investor comes through” and the who’s who of Silicon Valley shows interest in a ‘flirting app’ Prassana and his cofounder were working on tirelessly.

23:56 – 25:30 : The shift from peak success to being demoralized and taking time to recalibrate.

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25:30 – 30:10 : Insight into Prassana’s experience at Zenefits and what crashed the fastest-growing enterprise company at the time, valued at about a billion dollars.

30:10 – 37:25 : Prassana speaks on the lessons from his trial and error experience of creating apps, hyper-growth companies crashing and the wisdom of persistence.

37:25 – 42:35 : Digging into Prassana’s cofounder & CTO role at Rippling and the catalyst for scaling so fast as an enterprise startup business.

42:35 – 43:35 : Prassana shares insight on the enterprise team at Rippley and the role of the employees.

43:35 – 45:11 : Prassana speaks on creating a cohesive package and platform from compartmentalized teams and different business lines within the enterprise.

45:11 – 54:30 : Discussing what’s next for Prassana after stepping down from the CTO role and being excited in the crypto space and the possibility of building a platform while considering past, present and future.

54:30 – 58:05 : Prassana gives perspective on new wealth in the internet era and shares a video game analogy life lesson.

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