Alex Svanevik shares his journey as a blockchain entrepreneur that has resulted in one of the most prestigious full suite on-chain data analytics sites in our industry. This episode dives deep into data, creating positive network effects and privacy.


0:00 – 1:45 : Introduction and a brief history of Alex.

1:45 – 3:25 : Alex’s transition and reasoning for going full-time into the crypto space; being optimistic and hopeful for the future.

3:25 – 7:34 : Rallying the team to re-engage the crypto space and doubling-down on the ‘on-chain’ data aspect to fulfill a need in the space while creating something unique.

7:34 – 10:53 : Digging into the initial decision-making factors for going the ‘data’ direction.

10:53 – 13:26 : Alex shares insight into the incremental improvements (more data & computing power) that are catalysts for major architectural breakthroughs; kickstarting the Deep Learning Revolution.

13:27 – 15:39 : Alex elaborates on utilizing more complex data sets through machine learning for Nansen and their applications ex. modeling wallet/address behavior through sequences.

15:39 – 16:51 : Discussing the analysis of trading data and being able to extrapolate on NFT values.

16:51 – 24:06 : Alex explains the thinking at Nansen in the beginning; and the pivot from being just a ‘wallet API’ to a ‘holistic analytical platform’ that combines the wallet data (that had already been compiled) with on-chain data to create a useful product.

24:06 – 31:35 : Digging into the processes and architecture of Nansen for things like labeling different wallets and type of accounts/exchanges while utilizing both man and computer power in symbiosis to create a system that has only positive network effects going forward.

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31:35 – 32:47 : Discussing the overhead and scalability of Nansen.

32:48 – 33:34 : Plans to utilize a raise for Nansen moving forward to expand the team and computer power.

33:34 – 38:48 : Alex speaks on Nansen’s opportunities moving forward and how their proprietary data strategy separates them from other data analytic companies.

38:48 – 42:01 : Alex discusses a potential paradigm shift in the mindsets of the crypto era where individuals are comfortable sharing what digital assets they own; similar to public profiles on social media platforms – NFT’s being a major step in ushering this in.

42:02 – 45:16 : Alex explains how Nansen focuses on corporations and projects – not on individuals; balancing transparency & privacy.

45:16 – 48:39 : Alex speaks on the future of finance and where he sees Nansen’s role supporting the winning pioneer’s of the crypto space.

48:40 – 52:22 : Alex shares his wisdom and valuable lessons to others in the space.

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