Crypto OG ‘Loomdart’ is our special guest for FTX podcast ep 76 with Tristan Yver. Strap in for a unique perspective on the expanding crypto space from Loom; including his launch of ‘Loomlock’ – a product experiment in willpower.

All the best to you Loom, thank you for your time and coming on the podcast!

0:00 – 3:13 : A brief background of Loom aka ‘The Blueberry Man’, how he broke into Crypto and how the alias ‘Loomdart’ was born.

3:13 – 7:47 : Loom describes the changes, memorable events and coins in the space since 2014 and the ‘lull period’ before institutional interest; as well as some of the scam ‘hazing’ before safeguard introduction.

7:47 – 11:09 : Loom shares when he pivoted into ‘serious trading’ and not just holding onto coin. As well as some insight of how the whole mood of the space interplays with all-time highs, unforeseen lows and traders vs hodlers.

11:09 – 13:30 : Crystal ball, self-fulfilling prophecy, placebo effect…? Loom gives insight on the mythical ‘Loomlines’ and the usefulness/idealogy of these trendlines for market forecasting.

13:30 – 20:02 : Loom speaks on risk management and how this realization plays into his trading mentality through the different seasons (i.e conventional, Defi, NFT’s…) and coins.

20:02 – 21:53 : Loom explains his thesis on making a full commitment to your game plan even after taking a hit.

21:53 – 27:35 : Why GBTC? Loom explains his general overall view of Crypto, how it plays into spot trading, utilization of derivatives data, leverage statistics and not getting caught off guard.

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27:35 – 28:15 : Quick talk on the energy of the Bitcoin Miami Conference and actually meeting in person.

28:15 – 39:30 : Discussing perspective change on NFT’s, how it’s different looking at markets now (yet still the same) and how NFT’s impact internet social dynamics and overall friendliness; as well as new wealth being extremely bullish on anything crypto and NFT evolution potential in the crypto communities.

39:30 – 48:58 : Loom gives a sneak peak audio unveiling of his new launch project ’Loomlock’ and what this willpower product is setting out to achieve.

48:58 – 50:24 : Loom shares advice to new-joiners to the space.

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