Jeff Jiho, Co-founder of Axie Infinity, joins host Tristan Yver as the guest for episode 77 of the FTX Podcast.

Axie Infinity is a NFT-based online video game developed by Sky Mavis studio. It’s the most played and valuable blockchain game in the world with over 1m daily active users. Sky Mavis uses blockchain and incentive design to build games where you can live, work, and play. At Sky Mavis, Jeff spearheads the growth of products through messaging, community empowerment, and incentive design.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 5:14 : An introduction of Jeff and a brief history on his ‘collector gene’ and transitioning to crypto through the community aspect of the Crypto Kitties Discord.

5:14 – 7:32 : Jeff shares how he met his Co-Founders in the Crypto Kitties Discord and the initial vision for creation.

7:32 – 13:41 : Jeff describes the gaming mechanics of Axie Infinity, how it’s intertwined with the crypto economy, genetic makeup dynamics of Axie’s and the overall goal for the project.

13:41 – 17:36 : Jeff explains the “Digital Nation” Economy they are building, YGG scholarship/token sharing programs and their decentralized initiatives.

17:36 – 20:29 : Jeff speaks on their side-chain ‘Ronin’; growing pains and explosive growth solutions.

20:29 – 21:49 : Jeff expresses how it feels to be one of the biggest Discord servers in the world (one of ten in the world to have hit the Discord Chat cap of 800K), the responsibility/focus that comes with it, as well as the response from the community.

21:49 – 25:03 : Jeff explains how this game is literally changing peoples lives through this digital economy, especially through this time in the world.

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25:03 – 27:34 : Jeff elaborates on the ‘Play to Earn’ mechanism.

27:34 – 29:29 : Jeff shares how his team is maneuvering through the experimental waters of DOW-tooling with powerful resource backing.

29:29 – 31:35 : Jeff explains community management tools and filters like ‘curation’ and ‘social gating’ for the betterment of the ecosystem.

31:35 – 33:30 : Jeff speaks on his current role and strategizing how to transmit their vision from the top-down while maintaining a fun/healthy environment.

33:30 – 35:51 : Pay-to-Play vs Play-to-Earn; Jeff differentiates and explains the mechanism on how to balance these in a growth-dependent environment.

35:51 – 38:32 : Jeff shares advice that he has found helpful with his growth in the crypto space and in life.

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