The FTX Podcast #86 - Frank Chaparro Director of News at The Block

Frank Chaparro covers the intersection of financial markets and cryptocurrency as Director of News. Since joining the publication in 2018 as its first reporter, he has played a key role in building The Block into a leader in financial journalism and research. He leads special projects, including The Block’s flagship podcast, The Scoop. Prior to The Block, he held roles at Business Insider, NPR, and Nasdaq. Frank writes about investments, security tokens and mergers & acquisitions.

Time stamps:
0:00 : Introduction and brief background of news at ‘The Block’.
2:19 : Personal career path.
6:33 : Transitioning into crypto.
8:37 : Money, market structures, cryptocurrencies and parallels to religions and archetypes.
14:40 : Bringing truth to power by asking the right questions.
16:54 : The dynamics of being a premier cryptocurrency publication; asking the tough questions while still maintaining relationships in the community.
20:04 : The evolving (and stagnant) narratives of crypto in journalism.
22:59 : A big reshuffling incoming with hungry participants from traditional finance.
24:49 : Exciting things happening in the space; having your cake & eating it too.
27:40 : The decline of traditional finance banking and the uptick of the new generation into the dynamic crypto space.
32:41 : A pitch for would-be journalists in the crypto space, spotting trends and being skeptical of key players.
35:09 : The rise and fall of big players & dynasties in the fast moving space of crypto.
40:00 : The different departments of news at The Block and revenue generation.
44:04 : Contents of first book.
47:14 : The value of the podcast and other initiatives.
51:13 : Advice to those looking to enter and grow with the space.
54:21 : Life lessons.

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