Welcome to episode 90 of the FTX podcast with special guest Raj Gokal and your host Tristan Yver.

Raj is the co-founder of Solana and COO; working to decentralize finance, gaming, social media, payments, media and more!

Time Stamps:

0:08 : Introduction & background.

2:07 : Crypto beginnings.

3:28 : Camping trip networking – connecting with Anatoly.

6:37 : Next step: building the white paper to fulfill the potential of the tech & have a positive impact on the world.

9:20 : Raj’s decision matrix leading to Solana.

15:07 : Solana seed money; the highest conviction.

17:43 : Scaling solution thought experiment ahead of it’s time; having everything on one composable chain.

21:21 : People betting on people.

22:55 : The most intense, awesome year; fast, reliable network performance.

28:20 : A first time for everything; all (best) hands on deck to build a backbone to an ecosystem.

32:17 : Testing out value propositions of what crypto can be used for; a fast growing organism.

34:14 : Scaling the product layer; a playbook for grant funding & activating communities.

39:01 : What’s the next growth spurt for the Solana ecosystem & beyond?

43:09 : Getting to the point where Solana can be plugged into everything & fostering events.

45:14 : Advice to those looking to enter the space.

47:53 : Life advice.

Thank you for your time and insight Raj!

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