The Polkadot projects on Kucoin! If you want to learn about some of the top projects on Polkadot or what is Polkadot crypto, then this video is for you.

In this video we’ll go over which Polkadot projects are best, what is being built in the Polkadot ecosytem, a review of how Moonbeam works, how Moon River works, How Kusama works and how ren works.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this video should be considered financial advice. This video is not an endorsement for any of these coins. Weโ€™re just here to teach you about what is available in play to earn crypto gaming. Please do your own research and form your own opinion before making an investment.

And when you are ready to invest in crypto, these coins and many more are available on Kucoin.

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00:00 Best projects on Polkadot
01:21 What is Polkadot Crypto
03:13 Moonbeam crypto review
04:37 Kusama review crypto
06:59 Moonriver review crypto
08:49 Ren crypto review

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