What Is Solcial (SLCL) and How Does It Monetize Web3 Social Content?

Have you ever wanted to “bet” or support a content creator or artist that you thought had a promising future?

This video will provide a deep dive into Solcial (SLCL) project. Solcial is a permissionless social network allowing users to be rewarded fairly for their work and promotes freedom of speech by allowing users to interact without fearing ban or censorship.

Solcial is a mobile app (iOS and Android), a desktop app, and a website. On Solcial each user has their own token, allowing you to invest directly in them.


00:40 What is Solcial
02:54 What is SLCL Used for
03:12 How does it work
04:56 Who is this for
05:44 Closing thoughts

Website: https://solcial.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/solcialofficial


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