In the aftermath of recent reports concerning a cybersecurity crisis resulting in a serious breach of sensitive data belonging to government agencies, defense companies and financial institutions in the US and Europe, BitVPN has assured its global clientele that its blockchain-based VPN keeps user data well protected from theft and hack.

Singapore, Singapore, June 17, 2021 –(– A recently published report by CNN shocked millions of internet users around the world by revealing that the flaws of an extensively used remote connectivity tool were utilized by the hackers to access several organizations in the defense industrial sector. It was also reported that hackers exploited the vulnerabilities of the VPN service to steal the victim organizations’ account credentials and other sensitive data.

Immediately after the news of the data breach broke out, BitVPN has informed its one million-plus users that their online privacy is not under any such threat whatsoever. Unlike a centralized VPN that was breached recently, BitVPN is a decentralized VPN based on blockchain that keeps user data 100% secure.

A centralized VPN is the more traditional form of VPN that connects users to the internet just like a proxy by hiding the identity of the users. Though these connections remain encrypted, there are two serious disadvantages of using centralized VPNs. Firstly, the VPN providers can see and process the data, and hence, can be hacked. Moreover, all the traffic in these VPNs is transmitted through centralized VPN servers. As a result, all the information accumulates and remains stored in the servers of the provider. This is certainly a huge concern in terms of data privacy.

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Decentralized VPN, on the other hand, makes use of a decentralized structure to restrict the logging of any type of data. The traffic gets distributed to the whole network without any single node. This keeps user data safe without having to rely on the provider’s privacy policy. Blockchain-based decentralized VPNs are not dependent on any single central server, making them even more secure. As numerous computers play the role of a server in these VPNs, compromising the server demands the impossible task of hacking all the participating PCs.

BitVPN was founded in 2012 with the vision of improving cybersecurity by delivering user-friendly products. Today, the company has earned the credential of becoming the world’s first decentralized VPN on the blockchain. Over 1 million users have put their trust in BitVPN to keep their data fully private.

Some of the key features of BitVPN include
• Decentralized VPN data is distributed among a decentralized network, restricting all entities from gathering user data and personal information.
• Decentralized VPN cannot access, track, or store online activities of the users. User privacy remains protected because the decentralized VPN is log-proof.
• BitVPN’s decentralized VPN encrypts all user data and makes scrambling impossible.
• The network comprises millions of nodes, so it runs infinitely and lasts forever.

“BitVPN is a truly decentralized VPN that provides you with an easier and securer way to get access to the internet. We offer several layers of data protection to preserve the privacy of individuals or organizations. As such, your online activity can never be tracked or hacked when BitVPN is turned on,” said Steve, the founder of BitVPN.

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About BitVPN
BitVPN is a decentralized VPN service on the blockchain which guarantees absolute anonymity and enhanced cybersecurity to the user. BitVPN establishes a log-proof private network for the user, which maintains their internet privacy and protects them from any surveillance or censorship. It allows its users the ability to bypass firewalls and geo-restrictions across the world through its everlasting decentralized network. The BitVPN service focuses on having their products be user-friendly so that improving your privacy is easier and faster than ever before. For more information, please visit