PixelPlex launches a cryptocurrency platform with arbitrage as its key functionality and it helps crypto traders make money from exchange rate differences without making any significant effort.

New York, NY, June 11, 2021 –(PR.com)– PixelPlex, a blockchain-based solution provider with a presence in several countries, recently launched a cryptocurrency trading platform that is called Arbitrage. The platform holds support for a diverse range of automated arbitrage strategies, featuring a highly disruptive trading bot and an efficient method of managing liquidity.

PixelPlex’s team of intuitive engineers nursed the idea to create a cryptocurrency arbitrage tool that you can employ to execute better transactions in a way that minimizes risks and optimize liquidity usage. The team of engineers ensured that the cryptocurrency trading platform has the following; an effective algorithm for identifying profitable rates; an arbitrage bot with perfect cryptocurrency functionality and a mechanism for collecting and identifying data.

For this solution to be effective, quants and PixelPlex developed a search algorithm that helps to solve the two most prominent risks they identified with using the platform. These risks are: the accumulation of funds in a single exchange to stop trading, and the reduction in profit due to the fact that commissions are paid during exchanges. PixelPlex acquires data from exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex Kraken, etc.; the Arbitrage bot identifies the most beneficial deals in these exchanges and makes a fast execution before market position changes. These decisions are very fast, ensuring that every identified opportunity is maximized effectively.

PixelPlex developers explain that the platform works by buying and selling a fixed amount of cryptocurrency from different cryptocurrency exchange platforms when the arbitrage bot identifies that there is a difference in the fiat value of an equal amount of the same cryptocurrency. They further explained that this difference usually occurs due to monetary surges in the volume currently traded in the market and some market inefficiencies. The bitcoin arbitrage bot gives a perfect and automated opportunity to capitalize on this situation.

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To successfully create Arbitrage, PixelPlex’s team of software engineers had to use highly flexible programming languages like Node.js, C++, etc. to create the blockchain-based solution. Arbitrage has some noteworthy features that make it stand out from its competitors. Some of these include a rare capacity to simultaneously place trades in numerous markets; quantitative analysis of the market to gain profit through exploiting vulnerabilities; direct automated crypto arbitrage trading; and easy integration into a business environment.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a blockchain centric company of more than 100 talented developers with the passion to build solutions that increase the profitability and efficiency of their client. Since the company was formed in 2007, it has developed more than 300 highly impactful cutting-edge solutions.