#Teaser CCC Session 1. 5 Tips Every Crypto Investor Must Know

🎓Crypto Crash Course is here! Reward yourself with knowledge. As we enter a bear market, there is no better time to brush up with some crypto knowledge. In the first session of KuCoin’s Crypto Crash Course, we cover 5 tips every crypto investor must know. Each tip was chosen to give you the info you […]

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Anndy Lian: “Digitalization has struck every government as a priority” at Hong Kong Blockchain Week

18 November 2020/ BLOCKCAST.CC/ Anndy Lian and a panel of experts spoke on "Digital Transformation and Innovation: What’s New for Governments and Businesses" at the Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020. This session is timely as COVID19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, decision-makers who were reluctant to adopt and adapt have harnessed technology innovation […]

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